Stephanie D. Sanders
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*   Fallen From Grace Stephanie
    tries to encourage her son to
    make the right move in a hostile 

*  Locked In a caring mother who 
    want to see her son go down the 
    wrong path after a family tragedy.

*  Military Vet Role in "Satan 
   And Friends" by Jake Powell

*  Child Services was nominated for the 
    LACinefest and The Orlando Urban
    Film Festival

*  NUTZ The Movie - Film photo shoot

* When The Night Falls - Film shoot

* Big Sky (TV Show Fall 2015) - 
  Juanita Hodges

* Child Services - Movie Premier

* The Absurdity of Scott - Voice Artistry

* Help Me

 * NUTZ The Movie - Film shoot

 * The Wallace Jordan Film

 * Send & Retrieve

 * Goodnight Moon

 * Child Services

 * Eye iWatch

 * The Bench

 * From Death To Life