Stephanie D. Sanders
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“Ah man you have a beautiful voice I listen to the tracks n im hook on its ok for you, it will go perfect in the film FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE were going to be shooting a promo trailer in about 2_3 weeks with ur permission I would love to promote some of ur music in it…"

Keith Williams
Blaze Media Inc.

“Stephanie you are truly a talented young lady, your vocal style is inspirational, heartfelt and impressionable. Your songs are timeless.

Thank you for blessing us with your remarkable gift, and I look forward to hearing more of your songs.”

Dr. SJ
New York

​“Hello Stephanie!!! Let me start by saying that I luv this song!!! Your vocals are HOT!!! I also luv the production and overall sound quality too!!! Great Job!!! To me the genre sounds Pop, Urban, Funky R&B with a bit of Neo Soul… Very catchy song!! You should do well with selling this song!!! Best luck to you!!!”

Eric Smidi Smith
(re: I Am Who I Am)

"Stephanie, you did it again, great songs, great energy, your voice is awesome keep up the good work.” 

Donald Bell
BrassBell Ent.

“It's been too long! So happy to hear that you are living your dreams. I like the single and will purchase from ITunes. So proud of you and u inspire me to work on my dreams. Please keep in touch and as always wishing you continued blessings, love, and peace!”

Ms. Rachel
Washington State

"The latest track on "It's Okay for You" ~ Love Could Be... is the new theme song for a endless Valentine's Day celebration and we know love is the soulful vocal experience of Ms. Stephanie D. Sanders.” 

Valiant Koa producer - radio host 
PRIME christian urban centric music ministry 
KERI 1410 AM - west coast

“Stephanie Sanders!!!!!! Girl " I AM who I AM is the bomb!!!!! I LOVE it. Keep on being used. Your voice is angelic!”

Lysa Mitchell Woods

The song is energetic, inspiring, and it has the ability to motivate anyone who listens to it. I liken the song to Jill Scott's "Living My Life Like It's Golden"

Kevin R. Dunn

​In a world of conformity, Stephanie D. Sanders brings meaning to the table with songs about love, life and, spirituality. Her soulful voice complements her compelling concepts and will be the reason many frowns are turned upside down. Encouragement and peace can be found just by tuning in to her music. As a fellow artist and label-mate, I will surely be looking forward to hearing and helping her progress in the music industry and become a success!

RedStryke - CEO/Founder of ILL2DEF Entertainment

​I believe that Stephanie D. Sanders is a very beautiful and talented artist who brings meaning in every single one of her songs. I definitely feel that there is a message in all of them. No tracks sound the same. She is a great asset to the music industry and know that she will make it to the top without a doubt. Her vocals are powerful and I can bet that by the time you listen to her songs from start to finish you won't be disapointed and definitely will have chills. She brings joy in her music and you can tell that it makes her very happy. She is definitely worth the time to get to know and listen to.

Mr.813 - President/Recording Artist of ILL2DEF Entertainment

DJ Mackee Cee The Power 1480 WKND

Bishop Christopher L. McCarter WKND.
Lady Stephanie, I think you are simply phenomenal, beautiful and very talented. You're definitely going places. God bless you real real good !!

DJ Mackee Cee
Radio Personality
Apostle Hollis Rhodes, WWAB 1330 AM

I love this singer, songwriter, actor and great friend. I play her on WWAB 1330 AM everyday in Central Fla. The world will see what we see now so before yall take her from us we are proud we had her first Aposple Hollis Rhodes WWAB 1330am 

Apostle Hollis Rhodes
Air Personality

13th Desciple (aka Greg Walker) featured on “Can Not Fight The Feeling”

Awesomely anointed woman of God that music is filled with the spirit of love.

13th Desciple
Christian Rap Artist
John J. Smith - Producer of "Come To Me" from my "One More Day" Contemporary Gospel CD January 2, 2016

I loved it! That was incredible. Your vocals went perfect with that track

John J. Smith
Music Producer