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Stephanie D. Sanders is an Award-Winning singer/songwriter, who is determined to leave a positive impact on her listeners world-wide. The youngest of three children, she was born in the Sunshine State of Florida on October 10th to Barbara & Charles Sanders, and has always been a go-getter. This talented woman of God is not just a singer; she is also a gifted Actress, TV Host, Voice-Over Artist, and emerging Speaker, Entrepreneur and Creator/Producer. Ms. Sanders has used her voice as an on-Air Radio Personality from Central Florida to Seattle, WA, as well as being a Voice-Over Artist (most recently, on the Tom Joyner Morning Show’s hit radio soap opera, It’s Your World).  

Stephanie has been an avid part of the entertainment industry and looks forward to taking her life and career to a whole other level. Knowing that God is not through with her yet, and in the midst of fulfilling her dreams, she is willing to inspire others to go for theirs. In her music, her book, her acting and more, Stephanie is determined to give her all. And in doing so, she hopes that others will feel and see her desire for them to use her life as an example to “Never let a problem become your excuse to quit.” ~Robert Schuller 

 No matter what she does or where she goes, Stephanie knows that God will always be in the midst of it. There are many blessings with her name on them and she is going to get them all. Failure is not an option; not when she knows Who holds her future.
Blog with Stephanie


Be mindful of the people who take the time to support your efforts. True enough you would expect others to jump on the band wagon for the wonderful things you may do and say and present to them because its such a great undertaking that you have brought to life, BUT just know that's not always the case. More times than not people I don't even know have found a great appreciation for what I do and what it took to get it done. 
I tell you I commend all artist along their journey as it can certainly have some bumps, hills to climb and a lot of lessons learned :-). Just believe in yourself good people, release some of the expectations and keep moving forward. Leave no stone unturned. Remember you are here to touch Somebody, Not Everybody. Thank you Thank you to the good people who have come along with me on this journey, lint a helping hand, gave an encouraging word And Bought Something. lol Thanks Peace and blessing. Keep growing. 

Several interviews under my belt now and I'm on a roll to do as many as possible. I am soooo looking forward to reach people all across the country and the world. Thanking God for the opportunity, the ability, drive and determination to be all that I have been called to be and make some great things happen. Don't stop if you believe in you. Keep pressing. 

Still Much To Do

Yes the journey has begun but there is still much to do. Wooo I tell ya I will be one happy lady when I can get at least 3 people to assist me in various ways. You just can't imagine all the things that each part of this project needs but this is what God gave me to do so I am doing all I know how to do to keep up and sometimes catch up. It's a learning experience I can tell you that

The Book Signing

My My My it was a looooooot of work to get to this point but My God it all turned out nicely. I am pleased it all came together in the end. I so look forward to doing many more across the country as well as singing and speaking to the people. Woo hoo. That's all I can say good people as I am so glad this journey is underway. 
The Process

The work to bring this project together has been a lot and I do mean a lot. It certainly has been a learning experience but all in all it has made me better, given me more knowledge and opened p a whole new chapter in my life. 

I Press

I diligently press daily because there is a burning desire within me to be all that God has called me to be. Though prayer for strength has been much I thought of what my brother told me "It doesn't matter how tired you are, Mash The Gas, Mash The Gas." It's in those moments when we may be weary that somehow we are blessed to keep moving forward. You can't demand more out of others than what they have to give or want to. Just be grateful for the process because like my Life Coach has told me "It Wont Always Be This Way." Keep pressing good people. Keep moving. Keep believing and make sure to take care of you.

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By Author: Stephanie D. Sanders

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